2015 has been a grand year for the Yarra Link Project and all of us here are so excited to see where 2016 will take us. We’d really like to thank all of our very special supporters who have shown so much care and dedication to our cause and have given valuable time and effort to move the YLP forward. In just one year the Yarra Link Project has not only achieved incorporation and charity status but we have had numerous opportunities to share our space with the community, and to take part in a number of community based education events. We have operated as a host for students to see their project come alive, held meet and greet picnics for our supports and joined an action committee dedicated to protecting the Yarra River (more on that coming soon!). Our next steps for the future include many big things which will allow our dream of becoming a hub of education for the community of Melbourne but we must always remember that it’s built upon the dedication of our volunteers, staff, and supports who have stuck with us through these challenging stages of growth. Thank-you everyone and please remember if you haven’t already signed up as a member of the Yarra Link Project do it now and become part of something big!


Sincerely, all of us at the YLP