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Reasons to Revegetate:

Provides home to wildlife

– These sites attract and provide native animals with places to live. Native birds, reptiles, spiders, insects and animal species live, breed and forage for food in places with native vegetation.


Stabilises soil

– The roots of native plants can decrease the effects of erosion.

– Leaf litter from trees and plants provides nutrients for soil and brings about new life.


Offers a sense of community

– These places provide areas for people to connect with the native Australian landscape and with each other. The flowers, waterways and wildlife are uniquely beautiful in this part of the world and can be enjoyed by everyone.

Scenes On The Yarra

We’ve come across this exciting art installation program which will be having two more performances before the end of the year. One of the Yarra Link Project’s goals is to facilitate artists and their audience engagement with the environment and its historical contexts. It’s great to see a project like Scenes On the Yarra doing this as well. The performances will contain storytelling, indigenous song lines, art installations, myth and environmental awareness. One of the aims is to build connections and a sense of personal responsibility for the care of environment and waterways.  Scenes On the Yarra will be holding events later in the year and we will definitely be there to take part. Hope to see you there. You can find more information at their website:

National Reconciliation Week

Last week was National Reconciliation Week. This is a time for all Australians to learn about our shared histories, cultures and achievements and to explore how each of us can join the national reconciliation effort. The Yarra Link Project would like to acknowledge the Wurundjeri as the traditional land owners of the site. We are dedicated and thankful for the privilege of caring for the area and wish to show respect to all elders past, present and future.


New Composting Toilet


Composting Toilet Systems

Last month the Yarra Link Project had a composting toilet installed at our site in Heyington. The toilet was provided to us by Andy Tannahill and the good folk at Composting Toilet Systems. A composting toilet is one of those things that does what it says on the can (it’s good to get that pun out of the way early). Composting Toilet Systems’ facilities use zero water and turn waste materials into usable compost and phosphorus. Andy started on this track while working with festival Portaloos and began figuring out more sustainable methods of dealing with waste and reducing transport costs. Composting Toilet Systems are working to transform culture by making composting toilets a norm and for people to see the benefits of composting. Having one of Composting Toilet Systems’ toilets at the Heyington site is a big deal for us because we can now have people come down and use the parcel of land for activities and group gatherings. This and the fact that a composting toilet is a sustainable waste management system makes it perfect for our needs.

If you’d like to come down to the Yarra Link Project’s site and use it for an activity, as well as use our awesome new composting toilet, you can get in touch with us here:

Yarra Link Project Contact

If you would like to know more about composting toilets or Composting Toilet Systems you can go to their website here:

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