All of us here at the Yarra Link Project have a real passion for cycling and all the kooky and useful ways that bicycles are able to improve your everyday life. Recently as a way to explore various issues such as transport, energy production, storage, and even toilet access we thought why not see how we can incorporate our lovely two wheeled friends into the solution? After some interesting and often enlightening conversations we thought that we’d share one of our most recent favorites, the DIY Bamboo bicycle trailer. Its growable, transportable, downloadable and compostable! We hope to incorporate this useful bicycle accessory for more than a few functions for the Yarra Link Project.  For anyone with additional information on creative ways to use their bicycles or get inspired by what they see here please let us know! We love all of it!

DIY Bamboo bicycle trailer by Carry Freedom

Download the free PDF guide here –> Bamboo Trailer

No self-respecting Tiki hut should go without one.